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Radon in Water Test Instructions



Subsoil radon is in intimate contact with the well water and carries some dissolved radon. It is possible that when water is used in homes for shower, in laundry or other purposes, radon gets released from the water and spread into room air. The EPA estimates that 10,000 pCi/L of radon in water causes about 1 pCi/L of radon in air in homes.

Radon in water can be inexpensively and accurately measured with E-PERM radon monitor by releasing radon from a measured volume of water into a closed volume relatively radon free air. the E-PERM is suspended over the water sample from the lid of the measurement jar. The resulting radon concentration in air is a measure of the concentration of radon in water.


Sampling Procedures:


1. Open the tap fully and let the water run for 2-3 minutes to permit clearing of the service line.


2. Remove the lid and open the bottle carefully.  Avoid contaminating the mouth of the bottle with your hands or other non-sterile objects, such as the faucet itself.


3. Reduce the water flow to permit filling the bottle without splashing.


4. Fill the bottle completely. 


5. Replace cap tightly. 


7. Submit the water sample along with the appropriate paper work to Micro Air, Inc. within 24-36 hours of the sample time.