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Drinking Water Sampling Instructions



Sampling is a critical part of sanitary water testing.  Micro Air, Inc. supplies sterilized water testing bottles that can be mailed to you or picked up in our office.  Select a tap that is supplying water from a service pipe directly connected with the main.  Avoid leaky fixtures that may carry down contamination from the outside surfaces into the sample.  In addition, avoid taps with aerators, strainers, hose attachments, mixing-type faucets, purification devices, or softeners.


Sampling Procedure:


1.  Open the tap fully and let the COLD water run for 2-3 minutes to permit clearing of the service line.  



2.  Remove the plastic seal and open the bottle carefully.  Avoid contaminating the mouth of the bottle with your hands or other non-sterile objects, such as the faucet itself.  


3.  Reduce the water flow to permit filling the bottle without splashing.  Fill the bottle to the 100ml line with cold water (you may fill it over this line, but not below it). Replace cap tightly.  


4.  Complete the information on the sample label and place the label on top of the cap. Submit the water sample along with the appropriate paper work to Micro Air, Inc. within 24 hours of the sample time. 

Please Note:  Samples received after 24 hours and/or on Fridays will not be accepted.

5.  Place the sample in the refrigerator or on ice during transit/storage time and include the appropriate paperwork and payment with your samples.  (Click here for our chain of custody)



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